Our Expertise

Specializing In Bermudagrass Greens

Who plants your greens?  Your greens are the heart of your golf course.  If your greens are good, golfers will have a favorable impression of your course even if other factors are lacking.  So if you are renovating or installing new bermudagrass greens, it just makes sense to call on the only company that can guarantee your success with your new bermudagrass greens.

Nobody does it better.  At Champion Turf Farms, we specialize in Bermudagrass greens.  Each month of the planting season we are installing greens on dozens of courses all over the southern United States.  We use production and planting techniques that we have developed in over 48 years of planting over 1,750 acres of Bermudagrass greens.

Commitment to your project.  We have taken responsibility for the final outcome of your project to a level that is unmatched in the industry. We guarantee the purity,establishment, and performance of the greens we install. Beginning with our nurseries, which are produced from one single sprig, to our exclusive production and planting processes, to our follow-up support years after your greens have been installed – we are there to ensure that you have great greens – now and for years to come.

The best grasses.  The reason that we can make such a strong commitment to your course is because we have spent years developing our own proprietary cultivars that meet our standards of purity and performance, and we have a great understanding of what they are capable of and how best to manage them.  Champion Dwarf Bermudagrass gives you the ability to produce the finest putting surfaces available in warm-season turf.  Emerald Dwarf Bermudagrass is a tough, resilient grass which allows superintendents to produce great putting surfaces with fewer inputs.

Just as your greens are the heart of your golf course, they are the heart of our business.  We recognize that our success depends on your success.  Whether you have a new project or a renovation, if you select Champion Turf Farms for your greens we will be there Before, During, and After your greens project to insure your successful outcome.