Great Greens With Fewer Inputs

Introducing Emerald Dwarf Bermudagrass. With its unique growth habit, Emerald Dwarf creates a firm, tight putting surface with very little “grain”    while at the same time having a beautiful dark green color.

And unlike other modern putting green cultivars, Emerald Dwarf is a very resilient grass which can still perform well even in less than ideal circumstances and environmental conditions.

Mowing, watering, topdressing, fertilizing, verticutting, aerifying – these are the fundamental cultural practices necessary for managing any putting green turf. With the modern ultradwarf bermudagrass cultivars, these inputs must be made more frequently,more carefully, and more precisely.

But with a deep, massive root system and stems that grow beneath the surface rather than on top of it, Emerald Dwarf Bermudagrass gives you much greater flexibility in performing the necessary cultural practices while still rewarding you with great putting surfaces.

Emerald Dwarf Bermudagrass is produced exclusively by Champion Turf Farms which means that whether you have a new project or a renovation we will bethere Before, During, and After to ensure your successful outcome.