Champion Research

  • CHAMPION has best ball roll in NTEP Trials
  • Champion has substantially greater root mass than TifEagle or Floradwarf
  • All ultradwarfs are statistically similar in rhizome production compared to Tifdwarf
  • The shoot density of Champion is superior to TifEagle and other ultradwarfs
  • Champion forms a quality overseeded surface relative to other ultradwarfs
  • While all ultradwarfs produce more thatch when compared to Tifdwarf, Champion and TifEagle are statistically similar in thatch production
  • Champion is capable of producing a higher-quality putting surface than TifEagle and other ultradwarfs
  • One of the keys to successful ultradwarf management is the use of less nitrogen fertility.  Champion has a lower nitrogen requirement than other ultradwarfs

Nitrogen Requirements of Ultradwarf Bermudagrasses

  • While no bermudagrass, (Champion included) thrives in shade, Champion maintained a relatively higher shoot density in heavy shade compared with Tifdwarf and Tifgreen
  • Champion can produce very high-quality overseeded turf with a variety of seed types and rates