Champion Characteristics


CHAMPION has twice the density of Tifdwarf, and has better density than most bentgrasses at mowing heights of 1/8″ or less.

Close Mowing

CHAMPION has exceptional tolerance of close mowing, does not thin-out to expose the ground even when mowed at 1/10 of an inch.  Even other ultradwarf bermudas cannot handle low heights as well.

Shade Tolerance

CHAMPION maintains very high density even in partial shade,  outperforming Tifdwarf and other Ultradwarfs on shaded greens.

Wear Tolerance

CHAMPION maintains very high density at the lowest mowing heights which gives it exceptional wear tolerance.

Rapid Recovery

CHAMPION makes a profusion of lateral stems which provides very rapid recovery from injury, even at the lowest mowing heights.  This is a critically important characteristic which distinguishes CHAMPION from other Ultradwarf bermudas.  It is this characteristic which allows CHAMPION to outperform other bermudas in transition from overseeding and to thrive in colder climates where other ultradwarfs have failed.

Slow Vertical Growth

CHAMPION’s growth habit is primarily horizontal with very slow vertical growth which gives a more consistent putting surface.

Better Spring Transition

CHAMPION transitions more readily from overseeding compared to Tifdwarf and other Ultradwarfs.  Poor transition from overseeding has been almost unheard of on CHAMPION greens even after several years, yet it is a common occurance for other Ultradwarf bermudas which lack the aggressive growth habit that is inherent in CHAMPION.

Better Cold Stress Resistance

CHAMPION survives and recovers from sub-freezing temperatures better than Tifdwarf, Tifgreen, and other Ultradwarfs at greens height.  CHAMPION greens have thrived in the upper transition zone for years even as other Ultradwarf varieties have failed.

Encroachment Resistance

CHAMPION has very dense and aggressive lateral growth which allows it to dominate other grasses at greens heights.