Champion About Champion

The Ultimate Bermudagrass Putting Surface

The best putting surface. No other grass has a growth habit quite like Champion Dwarf Bermudagrass and therefore no other bermudagrass can produce the exceptional putting surface that the Champion can.  Even among the ultradwarf cultivars, there is no other grass capable of producing the incredible ball roll of a well-maintained Champion green. This was confirmed in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program Trials where Champion had STIMP meter speeds of nearly two feet faster than other ultradwarf cultivars.

Supported like no other.  Other ultradwarf varieties are sold under license by various sod farms along with any other grasses they offer for sale. The Champion is the only one that is produced and planted by the breeders themselves.  We have been working with the Champion since the late 1980’s and we have invested considerable resources developing the best management practices.  We make this information available to every superintendent who has Champion through personal follow-up visits, publications, and the Champion Superintendent’s Network.  If a course we planted (even many years ago) needs help with their greens, we will be there with just a phone call.  When your greens are planted by Champion Turf Farms, the purity, establishment, and performance of your greens is guaranteed.

Track record.  Champion was the first ultradwarf cultivar, released in 1995.  Champion has been planted on over 530 courses in 16 states, and Champion greens planted over 10 years ago are still performing well today.

No-Till Renovation™. The No-Till Renovation™ is a proprietary process developed by Champion Turf Farms for renovating existing greens without reconstruction. The Champion was originally selected by Morris Brown because it had the growth habit necessary to make the No-Till Renovation process possible.

Champion Dwarf Bermudagrass is produced exclusively by Champion Turf Farms which means that whether you have a new project or a renovation we will there Before, During, and After to insure your successful outcome.